May 24, 2015 by David Meisner

Reaching the Fitness Goals


When you’re looking to become fit, it’s best to set up some goals. Apart from this, it is also good that you follow then thoroughly and never abandon your plan. As it is, some people give up after a time, thinking that they will never be able to complete the plan or go through with the changes that it will bring.

Keep in mind that starting a fitness program is about being conscious of your choice and also following the program with a clear mind, in accordance to what you want as an end result.

Toning Your Arms

This is a goal that is usually great for women, when they first start a fitness program. It is not hard if it is followed with regularity, as it doesn’t involve a lot of effort. It will improve the aspect of the flabby skin from under the arms. To solve this, you can lift weights regularly, every two days.

dumbbells and apple

Don’t go for the easier weights, as to properly challenge your muscles, you will need to use something heavier. Go for those one that do tire your muscles. If you don’t have a personal trainer, use plastic bottle waters of 1litre, filled with sand. This will make you work out properly and are also cheap.

A Flat Belly

The first step to achieve this is to pay attention at what your food is made of. Apart from this, work all the muscles, deep inside and outside your abdomen. Usually, the trainers recommend planks – this is an exercise that activates all the muscles, from deep within your abdomen.

You ca do this in your own home, without going to a fitness gym. However, once you start it, you need to show perseverance and desire to keep it going, until you achieve the desired result. Combine the workout and you’ll see wonders!

The Legs and Posterior Part

For your legs and posterior (also known as butt), there are countless exercises that you can do, all of them combined with cardio. Cycling, using a treadmill or hiking uphill will tone these parts of your body. To get a better result, you should do some exercises that are based on resistance. Here you can do squats and lunges. Their secret is this: when done, they use multiple groups of muscles from the lower part of the body.

Use variation in your exercises, as this is the best way to achieve tones calves, thighs and butt.

Losing Weight

Health_and_Fitness_ExpoThis is a common goal among women, but men are also doing this too. We’ve become so fascinated with what we do, and our schedule is so busy, that we don’t pay a lot of attention to what we eat. Because of this, people gain weight so easy and it may be a challenge to get slim again.

To do this, you need to start paying attention to what you eat. Apart from this, you can always do cardio exercises. These help you lose more weight than the usual exercises, as they require many group muscles to work at once.

It is all about burning calories, which represents the secret when you want to lose more weight than with the help of a diet.

The secret

If you really want to have good results, you should keep track of your exercises. Make a plan and start easy, with two or three days per week, to work out a set of exercised. Write it down for every day – combine different exercises for different groups of muscles to achieve better results.

Don’t overwork in a session, as it can affect the way you will move the day after. It can appear a pain in the muscles if you do that, also known as ‘muscle fever’.

Once you are past the level of beginner, you can work out five days per week, but also paying attention to what you do. Don’t work the same group of muscles every day, but alternate the programs, as it does well for you and also the results will be better.

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